Each of our steel buildings is bespoke and is designed to the latest Eurocodes using the latest software in house.

We can also design for SER Regulations in Scotland. All our steelwork is manufactured using cold rolled pre-hot dipped galvanised steel to grade S450 with a galvanised coating to Z275.

All our steel buildings are fully bolted using Grade 8.8 high tensile bolts – there are no welds. We have the advantage of not requiring a fabrication shop as all the steel is bent or rolled from cam data produced from our drawing office.

  • All our steel buildings are designed to the latest European code with our in house engineer.
  • We detail our steel buildings in house using the latest 3D modelling packages – we now operate 2No TEKLA stations
  • CAM data for the steelwork speeds manufacture as the data leaves our office and then is feed straight into the roll forming machine. This cuts down the lead in times by more than half from conventional steel fabrication.
  • Even the bracket are issued in CAM DATA for laser or hole cutting
  • 3 to 5 weeks is a common lead for the steel and cladding in from approval of drawings
  • Gutter design calculations to BS EN 1256-2000-3 are used on all projects.
  • After the completion of a project ‘AS Built’ and O&M files are issued to the client.

Steel buildings can be dimensioned in increments of 1mm in any direction but it is wise to keep to the cladding module (normally 1.000m) we can accommodate any roof pitch.

We supply the following structures:

  • Portal cold rolled steel buildings up to 25m span
  • Prop portal steel buildings up to 40m span
  • Lattice truss 20m to 50m clear

All our steel buildings require no holding down bolts cast into the floor – we use expanding anchors or chemical anchors. This is generally bolted to the floor slab or isolated concrete pad.

We can now design with cold rolled channel beams ranging from 75mm to 500mm with various thicknesses 1.2mm to 5mm…this gives us greater flexibility allowing each component to work hard.

We have supplied four buildings out of eleven in a framework agreement with a large PLC throughout the uk .They are benifitting from our design and supply chain. We value their loyalty greatly.